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James Michelson

I am a PhD candidate in Logic, Computation and Methodology in the Department of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University. My primary areas of research are in mechanism design and philosophy of science. I previously spent a number of years in political analytics as a data scientist and software engineer, working for Vote Compass, Civis Analytics and Priorities USA. I completed my BSc in Government at The London School of Economics and Political Science and my MA in Political Science at the University of Toronto. My full CV can be found here.

I like to cook. My recipes are here.

Working Papers

Optimal Multi-Dimensional Auctions: Conjectures and Simulations
Alexey Kushnir, James Michelson

Reflexive Measurement
James Michelson


Developing a Philosophical Framework for Fair Machine Learning: The Case of Algorithmic Collusion and Market Fairness
James Michelson
Neural Information Processing Systems 34 (NeurIPS), Workshop on Fair AI in Finance, December 2020.


Simulating Optimal Multi-Dimensional Auctions
Alexey Kushnir, James Michelson
Pennsylvania Economic Theory Conference Poster Session, April 2022.

Future-Proofing Democratic Institutions: Lottocracy as a Prophylactic Against Disinformation
James Michelson
IDeaS Center Summer Institute 2021 Poster Session, June 2021.

Theory Choice and Overdetermination of Evidence: The Case of The 1854 London Cholera Outbreak
James Michelson
Philosophy of Science Association Poster Session, January 2021.

Popular Writing

The Joys of Reading Python Source Code
James Michelson
Civis R&D Bookshelf, 2017.


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James Michelson